The cutting belt / Stanzband –a process- and conveyor belt-

Our  cutting belt / Stanzband joined two essential tasks for the cutting / pressing technique.

The first task is the stamping process and the second task is the transport of the materials. The cut resistant and abrasion-resistant surface, guarantee a long lifetime of the die cutting belt / Stanzband. The ply is just one thick fabric layer. Counterpart of multilayer belts, it is impossible to separate the layer. The die cutting belt / Stanzband is in different hardness grades available. More information to the different types of the belt you get here

Cutting belt / Stanzband with strong Polyurethane coating (PU)

The outstanding of our cutting belt / Stanzband is the polyurethane surface. Through this it is possible to close the belt continuously welded or repair the belt, locally in your production. The cutting belt / Stanzband can be easily welded, because the PU is a thermoplastic. Another advantage is that immediately, after the belt is closed or repaired, the operation of your die cutting machine can be continued as usual.

To help you understand the process of the repair, we have provided a film of a repairing for you here .

Cutting belt / Stanzband with polyester fabric

The cutting belt / Stanzband has a single layer of wear-resistant polyester fabric, on the driving side. The cutting belt / Stanzband can be removed by sliding or rolling.

Die cutting belt / Stanzband: Using in die cutting machines

The cutting belt / Stanzband is using in different die cutting machines (f.e. Schoen+Sandt machinery, Ring, Hawkes, Atom, Freeman Schwabe, Bruno, Samco, USM, Sysco machinery, Suteau-Anver, Huasen machinery, Chiesa Artorige etc.). The cutting materials are for example: metal plate, rubber, cork, plastics, leather, paper, foam, cardboard, sponge, carpet tiles, textiles, composities, non-woven and others...


Here you will find the most important information of the cutting belt as a pdf format:

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